Hello world!

Evidently, this is my first post. Even though I’ve already published another blog before this one, this is my first post according to WordPress.  A bit Orwellian, but ok. 

According to my mother, I was a breech birth. I say this because we take all birth and family information on faith, unless we have dna tests or video to prove it. I have neither, so I’m taking my mother’s word on how i entered the world. But, if i did indeed enter the world backwards, it would explain why this, my “first” blog has become my second.

So i guess this is my, “getting to know me” missive. Let’s see…I’m somewhere between age 30 and death (nearer the former, I hope!). I presently live in the San Francisco Bay area. I moved here from Albuquerque in October. I still question the sanity of that decision. I traded a lovely home in a quiet suburb with a large social circle nearby for a postage stamp sized apartment with most of my friends located at least an hour away.  I miss my friends and my quieter life. Most of all, i miss my closets. My dog misses the courtyard where we had our morning tea and having her own room.

I guess we can safely say i miss Albuquerque. Let’s just add it to the other things i miss.

Like a normal life. I’m widowed and presently between jobs. I’m living on life insurance and have recently started asking the question,”At what point does my ‘transitional state’ become permanent?” I used to be a self-employed life coach. I left my last location two years ago and except for a couple of short term assignments, I’ve done nothing. Which was ok, according to my therapist. I was, “healing.” Well, I’m still healing but thanks to the sub-prime loan fiasco I’m healing while living on my principal.  I find this unacceptable. Especially since some of my “friends” think i’m some kind of human atm. I don’t mind helping people out, but this is getting ridiculous. 

Why is it when you have money, the people you’ve known all your life treat you differently??? Some feel uncomfortable and ignore you,. They no longer want to go out to dinner or have coffee (even at the same places you have always enjoyed), or come for a visit (even at the same house). Others feel such soul killing envy that they have a need to spend their whole time passively or agressively sniping at everything you have or like. Or, they treat you like the aforementioned atm. I guess i could understand it if i had a new palatial estate, a luxury car, or plastic surgery. I did buy an investment house and some new boots but other than that, my life has remained pretty much the same. I drive the same cars, shop at the same stores, pretty much live the same life.

You know, i could use their help; not their derision.

Anyway, that’s my “first” blog. I’ve never liked beginnings. Endings are more my style. I always want to see how things turn out. Like this blog. Should be interesting…

Thanks for reading…

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