Thirty Day Yoga Challenge–Day 3. February 10, 2013.

Good evening.

Welcome to day three of my yoga challenge. Today, I chose a Gentle Yoga class taught at the studio by a woman named Reba. She was one of my first yoga instructors and her patience and low key attitude make this class a joy. More Yin than Yang tonight (she changes it up), we spent a long time in half pigeon pose and I spent at least five minutes in a shoulder stand. There was a lot of balancing poses, but she did them slowly and steadily, adding variations as we were ready for them. My ankle held out fine. My feet are no longer sore and, thanks to the pigeon, my hips feel all warm, open, and happy. Yes, I have happy hips.

I did have a moment. I was on a grassy hillside and David Carradine was playing a wooden flute while I did the yoga. I could hear Reba and see my classmates. Alternately, I was on a hillside with a man playing a flute. Both at the same time. Weird. And magical.

Driving home was interesting. Am eating an egg salad sandwich and watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show. I got home in time to see the toy class. My favorite.

Tomorrow, I think i’ll choose a more challenging class.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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