Good Morning, Minions:

Imagine, if you will, being an almost middle aged person and discovering that you’re a Jew. No, really. A hereditary Jew. And that a chunk of your family (6 Aunts and Uncles, along with their children and their children’s descendants, and all of the children that they might have had, died in Nazi Concentration camps in what Jews refer to as the “Shoah” (devastation).

And History calls the Holocaust. Where literally half the population of your people were murdered for no reason except that they carried the same DNA.

Imagine that you then discover that Anti-Semitism runs rampant in your country and the world. That people hate you for no other reason that your heritage. And because of this, your local synagogue is wired up and locked down like Fort Knox.

Because, you know, things happen. Even in upper middle class suburbs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Things like Arson, Bombings, random acts of vandalism…All because you have a star on your church instead of a cross…Because their martyred savior was a Jew…

Imagine, as you look with new eyes, that you see European countries, which have been bastions of individual freedoms in your lifetime, electing candidates that openly identify with the individual responsible for the largest extermination of humanity in history up to that time. A man whose behavior created the word, “genocide.”

So you look to your homeland and see it, a friend to your country and a shining beacon in a region in flames, under attack, not only from a violent group thrown out of every Arab nation and plopped in the middle of your country in one of the most obnoxious acts of NIMBYism ever, but from your own country, Europe, and the world press. Based on half truths that are easier to believe than to look at the alternative. Your country isn’t good at examining complexities, any more than its denizens comprehend geography. Or world history. Or anything that can’t be easily put into a sound byte.

By people who would rather be called, “Anti-Semitic,” than, “Racist.” Because in this world, labels are more important than reality.

Because six million dead–over three times the population of the State of New Mexico–murdered seventy years ago don’t count anymore. For whom the word, “murdered,” is an understatement. They were starved, beaten, the victims of chemical attacks, guinea pigs for horrific medical experimentation, impaled, had just about every physical violation and indignity heaped upon them…no longer count.

In a world who uses the word, “Nazi,” to label any person they don’t like.

In a world that can’t see beyond who won a soccer tournament. And sees nothing wrong with referring to the winners as, “Nazis.”

Because it’s easy to discount the horror of losing half of your family in some of the most horrible ways imaginable. While the world watched and did nothing…

Until you discover that it happened to you…


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