A Few Brief Thoughts on the Film, “Heathers”…

Last night, after a seven hour road trip, i was bushed. So i wrapped up my bathed, Lanz pajama/d body into my favorite heated throw and tossed in a DVD. After all that “day,” it took me no time to choose the right film.

I chose Heathers.

For those of you who have never heard the name, it’s a little high school flick starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and a host of other famous (and not so famous) teen talent. It starts by introducing a group of high school “it,” girls (three of which are named Heather) and a new, “cool,” outsider, and rapidly devolves into murder, alleged suicide, and just about every stereotype ever identified by an after school special. Heathers is dark, funny, and subversive as hell. It almost didn’t get made, except that New Line Cinema was about to file for bankruptcy and they knew that there would be no one to take the calls full of parental outrage.

And then it occurred to me, this film could never be made now. Here, in Post Obama America, where all behaviors are allowed…

But all thoughtcrime is forbidden…

Even if it managed to make it to the theatres, one would need to wade through the throngs of protesters who, without having seen the film, but having heard that the film was homophobic, or made fun of teen suicide had made it their personal agenda to ensure that no one saw anything that they might deem offensive…

The problem with the PC crowd (or any crowd of censors), is that most have never seen the item that they want to ban, but have “heard about it,” and decided that  they know what is best for everyone. So, if they’ve heard that a film, book, or person is, “homophobic,” or “racist,” or “ridiculing the mentally ill,” then they just jump on the bandwagon and start screaming.

In the unlikely event that they have seen the film, read the book, etc, self censors often lack the intellectual chops to comprehend that a film is making fun of homophobics/homophobia rather than promoting it. Or a film is making fun of societal  glorification of alleged teen suicide (the teens were actually murdered, and their murders were made to look like suicides) than the tragedy itself.

Kind of ironic that those who come from universities, which used to identify as bastions of intellectual freedom are now more likely to resemble know nothing vigilantes than the freedom fighters of truth they would like to present to the world. And remember folks, for the most part, these folks are representing on our dime in the form of tax dollars to run the University system, to the tax dollars spent on Pell Grants, to those same dollars spent on a heavily defaulted Federal Student Loan System.

But then, the ability to recognize irony, like the ability to, “live and let live,” has gone the way of poodle skirts and a decent malt shop. And evidently, the ability to think critically.

Intellectualism simply no longer, is. In my opinion. And it makes me sad.

Thanks for reading…

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