Of the Internet and Human Devolution…

Good Morning World,

Yesterday, while perusing my Facebook, i read a story in the local Albuquerque news about a man who choked his mother to death over a pair of sweatpants. Aside from the usual horror that i feel when someone behaves in such an appalling manner, i also asked a few questions including why the man was at his mother’s home, whether he lived there, and why was he even arguing over a pair of sweatpants to begin with. I suggested that his problem may have been a failure to launch situation.

What a mistake.

Righteous indignation ruled the day. Angry Burquenos leaped upon me like hungry lions in a Roman arena. It was strongly (and insultingly) suggested that this was yet another soulless thug and that we should just kill him and move on with our lives. The sad thing is that i agree with the mob. The young man was a soulless thug. And he should go to jail-for a very long time at least.

But none of this answers my main question.

Why was he a soulless thug?

Why are behaviors that were virtually unheard of -like this young man hurting his mother, the 40 or so people who decided to destroy a Brooklyn seafood restaurant in a fight so monumental that it made the national news, or the folks who decided that their childrens’ birthday party at Chucky Cheese was an appropriate place to throw down in yet another city,the mother who thought it appropriate to invite her druggie friends to her daughter’s 12th birthday, where they gave her meth, raped, and murdered her- now the norm?

Where is the moral compass, conscience, little voice, whatever it is that keeps people from committing atrocities historically unknown (or at least extremely rare) to those of us living in a civilized society?

I used to think that, thanks to 24 hour news cycles, that we were just hearing about crimes that didn’t usually make the international press. But the FBI statistics clearly state that violent crime is on the upswing, and crimes like this, once extremely rare, are on the increase?

And according to many people out there, why should i even bother to ask why? Why shouldn’t I, and others like me, pick up a verbal stick and attack these perpetrators like a bunch of Neanderthals defending a watering hole in the desert?

Why should anyone ask themselves (and others) just why people have become so violent? Are we devolving?

Is it something that we as a group are ingesting? Is it a lack of socialization? Is the constant exposure of violent music/video games being fed to preschool aged children having an effect?

Could it be the internet itself?

What about the microwaves that come from cell towers (or our phones)? Microwave ovens cook food by exciting its water molecules; perhaps the low level waves coming from our routers and even the towers themselves are exciting the water molecules in our brains, either dampening our reasoning lobes or exciting our limbic system. Or maybe both?

I do know that a recent study released by the California Department of Public Safety strongly suggested that children, whose skulls haven’t completely hardened shouldn’t carry a cell phone, and if they need to use one, they should text instead of speak. This was to help prevent the risk of brain tumors, which have outstripped leukemia as the most prevalent childhood cancer. A British study suggested that any wifi router should be kept at the opposite end of the house from any child’s bedroom and turned off when not in use.

Kind of unrealistic, given the increasing lack of landlines in increasingly small apartments…

Anyway, I believe that these (and many other) questions need to be asked. And I also believe that We The People deserve the answers.

Otherwise, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse.

Only with living zombies.

Thanks for reading.


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