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Of the Internet and Human Devolution…

Good Morning World, Yesterday, while perusing my Facebook, i read a story in the local Albuquerque news about a man who choked his mother to death over a pair of sweatpants. Aside from the usual horror that i feel when … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Minions: Imagine, if you will, being an almost middle aged person and discovering that you’re a Jew. No, really. A hereditary Jew. And that a chunk of your family (6 Aunts and Uncles, along with their children and … Continue reading

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Welcome to 1984. Now Buy Something!

As a teen, one of my favorite books was George Orwell’s, 1984. For those of you who have forgotten the cliff’s notes version you scanned to pass the test, it depicts the life of a man in a futuristic totalitarian … Continue reading

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Whose Royalty is This, Anyway?

  Good Morning. A week ago, my good friend Anne invited me to a Royal Wedding slumber party.  We would nosh on all things English, and stay up late to watch Prince William of Britain, et al, marry Kate Middleton, commoner.  As … Continue reading

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