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So She’s Overweight, Get Over It!

As the Chinese say, we live in interesting times. Our country is divided, more divided than at any time other than just prior to the oddly named “Civil” War. Virtually every national election is hotly contested and often decided by … Continue reading

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Happy International Asperger’s Day. Don’t hug me!

Good Morning Friends, While checking my Facebook this morning, the first thing i noted was a post from announcing today, February 18, as International Asperger’s Day. Asperger’s Syndrome, for those of you living in caves (which means you probably … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Evidently, this is my first post. Even though I’ve already published another blog before this one, this is my first post according to WordPress.  A bit Orwellian, but ok.  According to my mother, I was a breech birth. I say … Continue reading

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